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WOW! Another year gone...

I apologize for not touching the site in a while. I will get it updated very soon. In the mean time, just wanted to point you to this little Video. Just a little something I'm working on to help out with the gyro problems.

More coming very soon!

I'll get some more pics and video up on the gallery page as soon as possible. Check back soon!

Feb, 01 2007 - I can't believe it's been a year since the last update! 2006 was bad in more ways than I have time or space to list, so I won't... We did celebrate the birth of our forth daughter in September, so I can't say it was ALL bad. Anyway, I just wanted to put up a quick note here to say that this year will be better!

And here's a sneak peek at what will finally be ready by the end of the month: Chain Conversion. This time you can believe it because I'm not trying to make them myself. :) I've found an excellent shop to do the production work so I can concentrate on getting all the other parts off the computer and into YOUR hands!!

Ricky Carmichael might be retiring from racing this year, but these little bikes are just getting started!!

Feb, 03 - First I want to thank everyone for checking out the site! I should be fully open for business very very soon. As some may have noticed I've added a little bit to the site. Added too much it seems. :) I just put the changes to the products page up last night, and I've already received orders! I'm certainly pleased with that, except that all the parts for the chain conversion aren't up yet... (plus paypal didn't throw the shipping charges on) I will of course honor the orders that made it through, but I need to hold off on new orders while I get the rest of the database setup...

And since I'm in a hurry at the moment and don't have time to fix the code, I've just bumped the prices up so no one will order... Of course you're welcome to if you'd like! :) Thanks everyone!

Also, I owe a huge apology to everyone who has sent me email and hasn't received a response yet. I was holding off because I was expecting to have the sprockets ready by now. I'm Sorry! I'm now working to catch up on both email and production now!

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