[DAM Machines]

I'm just trying to start a little company here in my "spare" time.

This is just the beginning, so expect lots of changes to happen here shortly.

I've been into R/C for about 18 years now, starting off back in the mid 80's with a Tamiya Boomerang. These days I've moved onto the little known niche of R/C motorcycles. - Even better, I'm starting with off-road motorcycles. Or should I say, motorcycle...

Yup, so far there has really only been one off-road bike that approaches "hobby" grade. That is the Radio Shack Ricky Carmichael CR250R.

I'll be starting off with some modifications for this bike, but my true ambition is to come out with a completely custom motocross bike of my own design!

I've got some fancy new equipment on the way, so stay tuned to see what
comes next!

Thanks for checking the place out!


[DAM Machines]
[DAM Machines]